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All Natural Goat Milk Soap 



Why we now package our soap in plain Kraft paper boxes 

Over the years we have tried several packaging options. We started simply using cigar bands, so people could see the soap. Everyone wanted to handle it and we just didn’t feel right selling soap handled by a bunch of people. Our next idea was to shrink wrap it and add a colorful tag and twine wrapping so it looked artsy. After all people want handcrafted soap to be artsy and fancy, just go to the festivals and craft shows and see what strikes their eye. But you couldn’t smell the scents through the shrink wrap and that wouldn’t work. Next we tried using wax paper and wrapping them but that didn’t hold up to the humidity in South GA. So we were sitting here talking one night about packaging and I said “we’re trying to put lipstick on a pig” That received a “WHAT” well we don’t make our soap to be pretty, nor do we want people to buy it because it’s “pretty”. We make it to be the best soap for your skin that we can make. We don’t put any synthetic colorants in it, even many colorants that claim to be natural contain added artificial colorant, i.e. most micas are actually coated with FD&C colorants. We don’t put synthetic fragrances in it. So why try to dress it up? Lets package our soap to reflect our beliefs and our mission here at Kickin K Soap Company. Just a plain box made from 100% recycled paper. We make our soap, and we want you to buy our soap not because of what you see on the outside. We want you to buy our soap because of what is on the inside, If you see color it’s due to ingredients that are there for the goodness they bring your skin. That's why you will never see a white soap, to do so would require us adding something to color as the goat milk turns the soap slightly yellow.  So when you see that plain box let it remind you of what’s on the inside.
  We will be doing new product pictures soon and will have the pictures of the soap and boxes on the site.


  1. Only pure essential Oils: No Fragrance Oils

    Fragrance Oils: usually contain many different components ranging from natural essential oils to purely synthetic compounds.
    It is not uncommon for a fragrance oil to contain over 100 chemicals Fragrance oils fall under the FDA’s “trade secrets law” and therefore the ingredients do not have to be disclosed. They are supposed to be “safe” but many of the compounds are known skin irritants. Some synthetic fragrances do include small amounts of natural material or oils to give them a more natural scent. There are thousands of chemicals available to create synthetic fragrances.

    Essential Oils: are highly concentrated and potent extracts from plants, trees, fruits leaves, etc. Essential Oils can be processed by several different methods. We use only Steam-Distilled or Cold-Pressed oils. 

  2. Sustainable, Green, Natural: We use only Goat Milk from our small sustainably raised herd of Oberhasli goats. They are fed only GMO free feed, browse, & hay. Our goats are our family and are raised in a humane manner
    We source our oils from sustainable sources, always striving for the best oils from the most sustainable sources we can find.

  3. 100% Pure Goat  Milk: Most Goat Milk Soap contains either half or more water or they contain water and powdered goat milk. It is very difficult to make soap with goat milk as the only liquid. The reason is that when you combine the lye with the liquid it causes the temperature to rise. If the temp gets to hot then you burn the goat milk, which not only makes a real yucky color but it destroys most of the value of the goat milk. We have perfected a method to use 100% goat  milk without burning the milk. Our Soap is approximately 30% goat milk

    Although the exact origins are unknown, milk has been used in all kinds of skin care products for thousands of years. It has been said that Cleopatra preserved her renowned beauty by bathing in goat milk. The soothing and moisturizing qualities of goat milk have made it a sought after cosmetic ingredient for centuries.

    The ancient Greeks and Romans used milk products for their skin. From ancient times until today, milk and milk products have been used as an excellent   cosmetic purposes. Goat milk protein contains all the essential amino acids, vitamin A,& B vitamins. It also contains minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. With its natural emollients, goat  milk soap can relieve dryness and help maintain a silky softness to the skin. It nourishes our skin as it easily absorbs the milk's rejuvenating components!  It is unique in it’s composition of fatty acids and lipoproteins, one in a class of proteins found in combination with lipids. A lipid is an organic substance insoluble in water, and helps seal moisture in when applied to the skin, thus preventing dryness and cracking of sensitive skins. 

  4. Only Cold Process Soap: Many people make hot process soap since it speeds the saponification process and doesn’t require the materials be measured as accurately. Hot process soap can be made today and used or sold tomorrow. Cold process soap takes 4 to 8 weeks to completely cure. However once again since you are heating the mixture hot enough to burn the milk you are destroying a lot of the benefits. We have developed a method of low temperature cold process which keeps the soap from getting too hot, and the milk from burning

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